Cas Pollen is a designer working in the unique field of Verre Eglomisé, the process of gilding precious metals on the reverse side of glass.

 Cas is one of the few artists who has mastered this rare art form and has been innovating and expanding upon it since 1990. She works from her Cotswold studio where she produces exquisite decorative glass panels using her beautiful surroundings as her inspiration.

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Her designs have evolved from observing flowing plant forms, transferring these organic shapes into light graceful motifs.



The beauty of this ancient medium is that it can be used to enliven any glass surface with a luminous, ethereal quality and transform a space dramatically. Cas has used Eglomisé in a variety of ways, both modern and classic, with many diverse applications including curved ceilings, rooms of glass, sandwich doors, tables, glass paintings, dressing rooms and hotel lifts.

As a designer, Cas’ skills have led to exceptional collaborations with interior designers and architects such as Julian Chichester Designs, Todhunter Designs and William Foster designs amongst others.


Glass panels in the foyer of the old Hippodrome in Leicester Square.

15 meter Glass installation in collaboration with Glass Artist Kirsty Brooks for St Johns College, Oxford

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Large bespoke verre eglomise silver leafed mirror for the Ballroom at Cornwell Manor, Kingham, Oxon 


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